L E.Apr 5, 2021
Excellent coaching and practice facility. Best in the city.
Wayne O.Apr 5, 2021
Tons of fun and a real opportunity to improve my golf game!
Dale N.Mar 16, 2021
A great facility and set up during these days of being creative. I am even more than ready to get the golf season going soon.. I will be back.
Thomas R.Mar 15, 2021
Candace P.Mar 15, 2021
Joseph R.Mar 15, 2021
Top quality sim. Knowledgeable and friendly staff
Mike D.Mar 15, 2021
I love the simulator and location of the facility. The access to food and drinks make it such an enjoyable time. I would recommend it to anyone.
Karl reyes 2.Mar 15, 2021
Jordan T.Feb 14, 2021
rlh937Feb 12, 2021
Tim C.Jan 15, 2021
A great experience! Thank you!
Colin Y.Nov 26, 2020
Colin D.Aug 27, 2020
Garrett is a great instructor/coach and makes all aspects of the golf game easy to understand and relatable to where I am in my swing development. His sessions have been very informative and helpful…Read more...
John S.Aug 27, 2020
Garett’s teaching style is innovative. My handicap is dropping.
Sammy R.Jul 13, 2020
Garett is a fantastic coach, super personable and a wealth of knowledge. For what it’s worth I plan on coming back for at least two more lesson packages.
Derek W.Mar 11, 2020
Lessons are great, took 10 strokes off my game
Patti S.Dec 31, 2019
It's the first time I have been through lessons with Golf Performance. I really liked their format of practice one week and be on the course with the instructor the next, as well as setting goals for…Read more...
D B.Dec 31, 2019
The instruction at G. P. C. is of extremely high quality, with the head pro having played at a very competitive level. They have a passion for teaching and improving students scoring and are…Read more...
Scott S.Dec 31, 2019
Kerri D.Dec 30, 2019
I started my journey with Garett in January 2019 and have worked with him both in his indoor setting and throughout the summer. I have started playing more golf over the last year and Garett has…Read more...
J I D.Dec 30, 2019
I have taken both indoor and outdoor lessons with Garett Jenkinson. Through that time Garett has helped me develop and better swing path, better ball contact and a practical approach to the game. For…Read more...
Markus G.Dec 30, 2019
THE best in the business!
Markus G.Dec 30, 2019
William U.Aug 19, 2019
Garett is perhaps the best instructor I have met. His vast knowledge, level of commitment , genuine interest and down-to-earth approach certainly make the lessons a lot of fun and absolutely worth it…Read more...
Brian D.Aug 16, 2019
The method and process were beneficial to my game some benefits were realized to date and I expect as I practise more and with Garett’s help I will see further benefits
Brian W.Aug 16, 2019
I have always found Garrett to be very professional and his drills have changed my golfing experience in an extremely positive way
Alex H.Aug 15, 2019
Tyler L.Aug 9, 2019
Garrett's approach to teaching is unique in the way he gets you to look at the game! As well, his training methods are effective in pin pointing what areas a player should focus on.
Chris T.Feb 5, 2019
Knowledge about the golf swing and drills to help with common faults really help with getting the whole game on track and improving
Ron K.Nov 19, 2018
Very good experience with Golf Performance Canada. I worked with Garret, first with a fitting and selection of new clubs, then in a multi-week group coaching session with a number of friends. Both…Read more...
Rohan N.Oct 26, 2018
Shona L.Oct 22, 2018
Easy to book a lesson. Cam was excellent to give me the direction I needed. He made sure I understoond why I was making small changes and which drills I needed to do. So pleased with the results!!!…Read more...
Greg W.Oct 21, 2018
Great camp. My son learned a lot an had fun as well. Look forward to coming back next summer
Maline J.Oct 17, 2018
The lessons were excellent and really helped my game. Look forward to signing up for next summer. Have recommended to my friends.
Ferne J.Oct 17, 2018
Have had 3 different instructors over the last few years and all have been excellent. Have picked up some great tips from all of them and feel my game has improved which is keeping me coming back…Read more...
Kent M.Oct 17, 2018
Kathy B.Oct 16, 2018
It was very easy and simple to book a lesson. I have had many sessions with Cam, who is a great instructor. 👍
Shamir P.Oct 16, 2018
Jay L.Oct 16, 2018
Cam was great , plan a tune up in spring with Cam
Mandy Y.Oct 16, 2018
Cam Driscoll made the golf lesson experience fun for our whole family. He was very patient with us and made us feel comfortable when learning the wonderful game of golf.
Michelle Kulczycki S.Oct 16, 2018
Can Driscoll is an excellent golf coach!
Sean G.Oct 15, 2018
Hi Guys,
Really impressed with the lessons and the service. My son Liam was also very happy.

Debta W.Oct 15, 2018
Cam Driscoll and his teaching has been the catalyst for taking my game to the next level. I have lowered my score considerably and have become a bettet ball striker having committed to taking lessons…Read more...
Dave B.Oct 15, 2018
Cam is very knowledgeable and kind. I’m extremely happy with the results in my game following his detailed instructions. I look forward to next year.
Cindy S.Oct 15, 2018
David M.Oct 15, 2018
Great experience and coaching, but couldn't get me to draw the ball. 😂😂😂
Would recommend them for Helping your swing.
Rhys’s P.Oct 15, 2018
I think that Dani made great improvements in my son's swing. He also enjoyed going to his lessons, which isn't always a given for a ten year old. We'd work with Dani again.
Vince S.Oct 15, 2018
Sheila Vulic M.Oct 15, 2018
Djamga S.Oct 15, 2018
Awesome experience. My son learnt a lot about Golf and wants to learn more. Dani did a great job.
Barclay C.Oct 15, 2018
Appreciate all the work that Dani put into the lessons. The weather didn’t cooperate, but Dani still made it work.
Valerie L.Oct 14, 2018
I feel that after Dani's instruction and advice, my golf has improved and I have a better understanding of what I should be doing.
Jennifer L.Oct 14, 2018
Instructor was great. Managed distractable children well.
Huiling X.Oct 13, 2018
Judy B.Oct 13, 2018
Excellent instruction!
Bob L.Oct 13, 2018
Dani Poupart was fantastic with the kids and I believe was the key to making golf fun and interesting for the new junior golfer. My daughter is looking forward to working with Dani again soon.
Paul H.Oct 13, 2018
My son enjoyed his golf lessons even though the weather forced all but the first indoors
Val S.Oct 13, 2018
Leslie P.Oct 13, 2018
Dani P.Oct 13, 2018
D.J. L.Oct 10, 2018
Garrett is an amazing instructor! He has helped me enjoy golf on a whole new level. My consistency is so much better since working with him. He's eliminated the one or two shots per hole that inflate…Read more...
Zachary R.Oct 10, 2018
Garrett does an awesome job with both his private lessons and his coaching groups. After going through his group coaching program, I had my best summer of golfing ever and improved my handicap by 3…Read more...
Dale T.Sep 30, 2018
Industry leader, great player, tailor made lessons to assist all golfers.
Jeff P.Sep 18, 2018
Garett is the best, I learned to golf and am a much more social person afterwards as he creates a great environment to learn in and meet others
Sabina P.Sep 11, 2018
Golf Performance Canada provides a visual and different perspective to connect with a golf ball ..., in doing so ? Relaxed approach to the game is developed ... thank you Garett
Evan B.Sep 7, 2018
LESLIE T.Sep 6, 2018
My wife & I are taking lessons with Garett Jenkinson and have been really happy with Garett’s approach and the results we are seeing. His focus is ball striking vs strictly swing mechanics. Outcome…Read more...
Greg S.Sep 6, 2018
Garrett has been a great coach, very easy and effective teaching method.
Ron B.Sep 6, 2018
I have been working with Garett Jenkinson for the past two months. It has changed my game drastically. I am enjoying the golf like never before. Garett takes his teaching job seriously and takes it…Read more...
Steve P.Sep 1, 2018
Gal S.Sep 1, 2018
Jay C.Feb 24, 2016
Danny M.Sep 27, 2015
Greetings, You wake up one day and you realize you spend 5k a year on a game that you thought you were decent at but in reality you're in a state of perpetual brain damage with double bogey after…Read more...
Faisal K.Sep 26, 2015
Wish I had met Garett a few years ago when I started playing. I was getting to the point of being so frustrated with the game that I was ready to give up the game altogether. He completely changed…Read more...
Clayton E.Jul 5, 2014
Sean M.Mar 19, 2014